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The Full Media Fantasy Football League 2016/17!

Posted by on Aug 7, 2016 in News | 0 comments

Football with bootWe’re huge fans of football here at Full Media Ltd, so for the second year in a row we are running a fantasy football league for clients, colleagues, partners and friends of Full Media.

Whether you were a one-off client or are a regular user of our services, whether you’re a student whose dissertation we proofread or a corporate customer whose website we designed, or indeed anyone else who we have worked with in the past, you are invited to take part in our fantasy league for the upcoming Premiership season, which kicks off next Saturday (13 August).

This competition is completely free for you to enter and we have four cash prizes on offer:

Winner: £100 (also wins a personalised trophy)Fantasy Football League Trophy
Runner-up: £40
Best Starting XI: £30
Golden Boot: £30

Of course, those are just the prizes for our mini league; your team will also be automatically entered into the Telegraph’s national league which has a whole host of big money prizes, too!

If you would like to join the Full Media League for the 2016/17 Premiership season, contact Nick Jones here to get the PIN code and then click here to pick your team. If you encounter any issues, contact us and we’ll respond ASAP.

We look forward to seeing you in the league soon!

How companies can use social media to their advantage

Posted by on Aug 5, 2016 in Social media | 0 comments

social mediaIn a world dominated by social media, it cannot be ignored. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Vine, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram are a part of our daily lives in the modern era. Fewer people are reading physical copies of newspapers, with the youth consuming most of their media online.

Social media is the main form of communication and sharing with one’s friends and community, making it a powerful tool for businesses to harness and use to their advantage. Here are some of the ways that companies are keeping up-to-date with technology and trends and making these advancements work for them.

Use social media to keep in contact with your client base

The younger generations are not going to read print media, so advertising there may not be the best way to communicate with your clients. Most good companies will have a variety of social media accounts that are used to promote brand recognition, build the image of the company and let clients know about any sales or special services. In addition, consumers like being able to tweet a company or write on their Facebook page if they are experiencing a problem with the goods or services that your company is providing. A good example of a company who is known for this is Royal Vegas Australian casino; they have a YouTube account, an Instagram account, as well as Twitter and Pinterest. Having multiple types of social media accounts is clever, because it gives clients the option to reach you on whichever platform they feel most comfortable using.

Use social media to gather information about your clients

With Sprout Social you can use your social media presence to gather information about your clients (well, the people who follow or subscribe to your company on social media). Knowing detailed demographics about your consumer base is invaluable to companies as you know how to better cater to your customers in terms of new products or services as well as effective advertising. In addition, you can gain access to what these clients post on their social media accounts. This gives you great insight into their likes and dislikes, and pretty much eliminates the need to set up costly focus groups.

Be creative

Viral videos and content are everything these days. Companies can take advantage of this by creative marketing related content that has the ability to go viral –thus reaching more people. Some great examples of this include some of Dove’s videos hosted on YouTube. They have had great success in creating content that is related to their brand and image and connects with their customers so much so that people are inclined to share this content on their social media accounts. Oreo has also had success in this regard. On Vine they have a series of short videos mocking classic horror films but using the Oreo cookie as a character. It’s all about understanding your target market and what type of content will resonate with them.

Full Media Ltd buy and relaunch Freelancers in the UK!

Posted by on May 3, 2016 in News | 0 comments

Hot on the heels of our recently launched indie book review website, The Book Reviewers, we now have some more exciting website news!

A few months ago, we bought a directory website called Freelancers in the UK, a directory of freelancers working in the UK. The previous owner, Katie, had run the website successfully for over ten years but was looking to focus her energy on new challenges.

Having bought, revamped and relaunched another directory site, Find a Proofreader, a few years earlier, we felt confident that we could do the same with this website. The main problem we had to overcome with the site was its dated CMS and appearance, and its lack of functions such as allowing advertisers to log in and edit their listing whenever they like.



We have spent the last few months redesigning the website using WordPress. The new website recently went live, and the feedback we’ve received from advertisers is that the site is greatly improved. Katie herself emailed us to say that she was thrilled with the way the website looks, which was really nice to hear!

Freelancers in the UK new site


If you are a graphic artist, web designer, copywriter or any other type of freelancer working in the UK, please check out Freelancers in the UK. For just £30 a year you can increase your online presence with a detailed listing all about your freelance services, and you can access a projects board which we will be updating regularly.

We hope to see your listing on the website soon! Of course, if you have any questions about the site please contact us and we’ll get back to you asap.

Full Media launches The Book Reviewers

Posted by on Mar 10, 2016 in Self-publishing | 0 comments

TBR logoWe’re proud to introduce to you our brand-new website, The Book Reviewers!

It’s an exciting new venture designed to help people find the best self-published and indie fiction on the market, and we do this by providing unbiased, professional book reviews.

It benefits the authors by promoting their books both on the site and on social media, and it benefits readers by giving them clear, honest, in-depth reviews that are often lacking on Amazon.

We hit upon the idea for the site when I self-published my first book. While there are lots of book review websites and blogs online, few focus on self-publishing authors and small indie presses, and the ones that do tend to look a tad old-fashioned – so we decided to set up our own!

The site will feature quality novels in various genres that have been read and reviewed by our team of avid readers made up of freelance proofreaders, editors, writers and bloggers. We also plan to interview indie authors and other people of interest from the publishing industry.

Please take a look at the website and let us know your thoughts. You can stay updated on the latest news, reviews and interviews by subscribing to the TBR Newsletter, and you can follow on Twitter and Facebook.

The importance of online security

Posted by on Jan 11, 2016 in Online security | 0 comments

online securityVirtually all businesses on the high street have an attached online arm – this complements their high street presence, but what if you are just on the internet? We look into areas such as security and how linking to social media can potentially boost sales. We look at businesses that are successfully operating on the web in difficult marketplaces.

Offering online security to customers is central to success, and enabling good security fosters trust. Trust in internet sales and the delivery of such is not yet as sacrosanct as walking into a shop for most people in the UK and around the world. There is a hard core of customers who will browse online but may not buy, but this will change over time. There is help out there such as Get Safe Online, who offer free advice on a number of areas including banking, payments, social networking and protecting yourself. In business you may sometimes feel like it’s you against the world, but it’s important to network with free services as much as you can. There are other private businesses, too, like Webroot who offer services to your business for standard fees.

Some businesses need to constantly firefight risks, but small steps every day will usually maintain online security. These threats are ever evolving for those individuals who are skilled in IT manipulation by those protecting servers. A recent article by IT ProPortal revealed the Top 10 Phishing Threats which, if read and believed, could send you into cold sweats! However, despite all the scary stories out there, the proof in the pudding is the number of businesses operating well in the UK and globally. Betting companies could be potentially valuable for those with nasty intentions, but they still operate. For example, you can now play blackjack online at Betway as well as a host of different ‘live in play’ games.

So online security is imperative to build trust, but it’s not the sexiest of topics. Social media can give your personality and flair, so it’s well advised to use business sites like LinkedIn and Twitter. Novel ideas you may not have thought of include creating podcasts via sites like Stitcher and Soundcloud. You can advertise new products and events through these mediums.

So from free help to achieving and improving security to growth on social media platforms, there is a lot you can do to expand your online business and become a standout player in whatever marketplace you are in.


Full Proof wins Britain’s Best Business Name Award!

Posted by on Nov 1, 2015 in General | 0 comments

We did it! Yes, that’s right – after Full Proof (our trading name for our proofreading division) were shortlisted in September for the Britain’s Best Business Name award, we actually went one further and won the whole competition!

Best Business Name Award

All ten shortlisted nominees had to get their friends, relatives and customers to vote for them, and luckily we have a lot of lovely, loyal clients who were willing to do this for us. A huge thanks to all of you who voted – we are forever grateful to you!

Here are the other business names that made the final:

Bill’s Gates

Jason Donervan

Making You Content

Mud, Sweat and Gears

Farther Treads

Spruce Springclean

Surelock Homes

The Hip-Hop Chip Shop

Tree Wise Men

The competition was run by London-based firm Make It Cheaper, whose Marketing Exec James McAllister said:

“Firstly, a massive congratulations to Nick on winning. It’s important for small businesses owners to put serious thought into their business names. As far as marketing tools go, your business’s name is one of the most simple, yet most powerful that you have at your disposal. Nick has turned a memorable business name into some really strong branding across the whole of the Full Media group, and I have no doubt for his success in the future.”

This is the third award that Full Media/Full Proof have won, having scooped a Scoot Headline Award and a National Business Leader Award in 2014. This was the first time we received a giant cheque, though! How exciting is that!? Thanks to Make It Cheaper for running the competition – it has been a great way to round off another successful year for our company. Our eyes are on 2016 now, to see what that holds!

Full Proof nominated for Business Name of the Year

Posted by on Sep 15, 2015 in News | 3 comments

Competition logoWe’re excited to reveal that our proofreading division, Full Proof, has been nominated for the Business Name of the Year award!

In search of the best business names in the country, a company called Make It Cheaper asked the public to tweet them their favourite names and received hundreds of responses. They then asked a panel of business experts to pick a shortlist of the ten best, one of which was our very own proofreading business Full Proof! Voting is now in the hands of the public, and by simply providing your email address and picking your preferred name from the ten on offer, you will be in with a chance of winning a £500 Amazon voucher!

Click here to visit the website and select your favourite name. We are big fans of wordplay and there are some hilarious pun-based business names in the final, although naturally we think Full Proof is the snappiest, catchiest name of the lot. 😉

Voting ends on the 25th September so vote now! We will be keeping everything crossed in the hope of scooping that £1000 prize money!

The internet is shifting to mobile – so you should too

Posted by on Jul 8, 2015 in Web design | 0 comments

Tablet, phone, desktopIn recent years, the internet’s shift to mobile has increased dramatically with the worldwide proliferation of smartphones and tablets putting an end to the days when everyone simply viewed the internet via a laptop or desktop PC or Mac. And with further innovations such as smartwatches and Google Glass now hitting the market, businesses have two choices: either adapt to this technological sea change and survive – or go under.

What do I mean by ‘adapt’? Well, it’s no longer enough just to have a website for your business; you also need to ensure that it is mobile-friendly. If your website was built ten years ago, chances are it will not look good on a phone or tablet. The text will be too small, images may not appear correctly, videos may not play, etc. As a result, customers who visit your site whilst browsing on such a device are unlikely to stay long. They will get frustrated and move on to the websites of your competitors, and you will have just lost yourself a customer.

And that’s only half of the problem that businesses with mobile-unfriendly sites face. In April this year, to reflect this phenomenal global shift towards mobile browsing, Google made a significant change to their search ranking algorithm. Nicknamed Mobilegeddon, this update by the search giants has altered rankings across the globe so that they favour mobile-friendly websites, ensuring a better browsing experience for the majority of users. So not only do outmoded websites look bad on mobile devices, they are also going to be increasingly hard to find on Google!

So what do you need to do? The answer is simple (although putting it into action may be difficult depending on the size and nature of your existing website): You need to make sure that your website is responsive as soon as possible.

According to Wikipedia, in the context of websites, ‘responsive’ refers to websites that “provide an optimal viewing and interaction experience – easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling – across a wide range of devices.” In the past, companies would often have a standalone website just for mobile users, but the advantage of having a fully responsive website instead is that you only have one website to maintain and update. It also means that customers who use your website from a phone or tablet one day, but a laptop or desktop the next, will have a seamless experience as the site will look the same on both, essentially, just with minor aesthetic differences due to the optimisation process.

There is no longer a valid argument for not having a responsive website, and it doesn’t even have to be hugely expensive either, with many companies like ours providing responsive WordPress website design at affordable rates. If your company hasn’t made the transition to mobile yet, do it soon! It’s time to embrace the future.

Why professional website design pays dividends

Posted by on Jun 25, 2015 in Web design | 0 comments

webdesign-583193_1280In today’s predominantly internet-focused business world, the importance of having a commercial website that is inviting, efficient, purposeful and, above all, makes customers want to return, is huge. However, If you’re starting out in the progressive world of e-business and simply don’t know which direction to take with the design of your site, ticking all of the above boxes can be a rather daunting task, and thoughts concerning scrimping on the details might drift into one’s mind. As we will explain, ignoring these impulses is key to your site’s success.

Take the aesthetics of your site, for example. Whilst it might seem like the backgrounds, fonts, menus and images on your site are superfluous to the content hosted, they are actually just as important. Why? Because if customers are to continue to use your site, returning to it regularly, they will be after something that looks slick, stylish and attractive. If a potential customer is repulsed by the aesthetics of your website within the first minute – if not the first few seconds – of visiting, you’re not likely to see them return. The Boston Globe’s site is a great example of clean, stylish and elegant aesthetics done right, with an excellent layout and uncomplicated construction.

Akin to aesthetics is the means of navigation on your site. With clunky, page-consuming menus, non-responsive design elements and other features that were perhaps the norm ten years ago, a site will haemorrhage customers simply because the site itself is hopelessly annoying and backward in its function. Fortune Palace, for instance – an online gaming affiliate site – has invested a lot of time into crafting a system of navigation that allows users to access every important element of the site from the top of the screen, cleanly. Whether customers are looking for reviews of affiliate partners such as Betfair, or simply wanting to learn how to play casino games, they can access subsections incredibly easily from the top pane of the site.

Finally, and perhaps the most important thing to any person either in the process of designing their website or compiling a list of requirements to be sent to a designer, is the need to create a mobile-friendly version of the site. Today, the internet is populated by 182 million smartphone users, with this figure looking set to increase to 220 million by 2018, and all of these potential customers will not take kindly to having to scroll, zoom and tap their way through a website that was only optimised for desktop monitors. As such, ensure your site is responsive and works through a plethora of different devices – the results (and revenues) will speak for themselves!

Do you have any tips for prospective e-entrepreneurs regarding web design essentials? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Our latest book is out now!

Posted by on Jun 15, 2015 in Self-publishing | 0 comments

Last year, Full Media branched out into publishing when I wrote a joke book entitled Gagged and Bound: A book of puns, one-liners and dad jokes. The book was well received and has been a frequent bestseller under Puns & Wordplay on Amazon ever since. It has also received rave reviews from critics:

Gagged and Bound 2 by Nick Jones“A succession of one-liners, puns and dad jokes going at your laughing muscles in a joyously pell-mell, headlong way. It’s irresistible.” The Bookbag

“I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a joke book that’s varied and full of easy one-liners.” Reader’s Favorite

“This is a very funny book.” Red City Review

Now, just in time for Father’s Day, I’m returning with a sequel – the inevitably titled Gagged and Bound 2: More puns, one-liners and dad jokes. With over 500 new jokes penned by myself, and a handful donated by friends of mine, I’m hoping it will be as popular as the first book, which has already sold over 1,000 paperback copies and been downloaded over 3,000 times.

Expect a third book in this series at some point next year, along with some other titles from Full Media!


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