Self-publishingWe’re excited to reveal that Full Media Ltd have recently moved into an exciting new area by self-publishing a book!

Our first title is a joke book written by myself, entitled Gagged and Bound – A book of puns, one-liners and dad jokes, and it’s available to buy in both paperback and as an eBook on Amazon.

At first this might seem like a departure from my main profession as a proofreader, but actually it’s my love of words that led me to write it. Most of the jokes are puns, and it’s rather therapeutic to indulge in wordplay when your job requires you to read so much, as it gives you a creative outlet. Sometimes the jokes are even inspired by what I’m proofreading!

As well as experiencing the thrill of seeing my own book for sale online, there is another exciting aspect to this venture into publishing. It has taught me a lot about the process of self-publishing a book, which is surprisingly simple these days with platforms like Amazon’s CreateSpace providing POD (print on demand) services. Gone are the days when authors had to buy a load of their own books and post them to buyers – now you just upload your document and book cover to CreateSpace and the book will appear on Amazon (and few things in life will match the feeling you get when you first see it on there!).

A sequel to Gagged and Bound is already half written, and we’re also planning a very different book for people looking to provide the best proofreading service possible. Both will be released in 2015 at some point, so watch this space!