Ask any indie author what is the most challenging aspect of the self-publishing process, and I think most would say it’s the marketing side. You may have written a book that kids will find just as captivating as any produced by the big-name publishers. But how do you compete when you don’t have an advertising budget or publicity team to match theirs?

One way to get your book noticed is to win an award. There are quite a few competitions for indie publishers to choose from. Usually, you have to pay an entry fee to cover costs – which is completely reasonable, of course. But in most cases, you’ll only get publicity if you are a winner or finalist.

This is where The Gittle List contest is different. When you enter, you are in with a chance of receiving free promotion on social media long before the results are announced. That’s why, earlier this year, I decided to enter my new book, Go To Sleep!, published independently by Full Media Ltd.

And I’m so glad I did. It’s not the kind of competition you go in for and then forget about. Throughout the process, organiser and judge Aviva Gittle keeps you involved, connected and interactive. You’re encouraged to share and like promotional posts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You also get to see other entries and find out more about the authors, so you really feel part of a community. I was thrilled to see my book cover featured in The Gittle List posts and even a promotional video!

It gets even better – all winners receive an amazing publicity package, including five-star reviews, an exclusive interview and a winner’s seal to use in marketing.

Even if you don’t make The Gittle List this year, you’ll have had the opportunity to receive free promotion and get your book out there, which is what matters.

There’s still time to enter – click here for more information.