social mediaIn a world dominated by social media, it cannot be ignored. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Vine, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram are a part of our daily lives in the modern era. Fewer people are reading physical copies of newspapers, with the youth consuming most of their media online.

Social media is the main form of communication and sharing with one’s friends and community, making it a powerful tool for businesses to harness and use to their advantage. Here are some of the ways that companies are keeping up-to-date with technology and trends and making these advancements work for them.

Use social media to keep in contact with your client base

The younger generations are not going to read print media, so advertising there may not be the best way to communicate with your clients. Most good companies will have a variety of social media accounts that are used to promote brand recognition, build the image of the company and let clients know about any sales or special services. In addition, consumers like being able to tweet a company or write on their Facebook page if they are experiencing a problem with the goods or services that your company is providing. A good example of a company who is known for this is Royal Vegas Australian casino; they have a YouTube account, an Instagram account, as well as Twitter and Pinterest. Having multiple types of social media accounts is clever, because it gives clients the option to reach you on whichever platform they feel most comfortable using.

Use social media to gather information about your clients

With Sprout Social you can use your social media presence to gather information about your clients (well, the people who follow or subscribe to your company on social media). Knowing detailed demographics about your consumer base is invaluable to companies as you know how to better cater to your customers in terms of new products or services as well as effective advertising. In addition, you can gain access to what these clients post on their social media accounts. This gives you great insight into their likes and dislikes, and pretty much eliminates the need to set up costly focus groups.

Be creative

Viral videos and content are everything these days. Companies can take advantage of this by creative marketing related content that has the ability to go viral –thus reaching more people. Some great examples of this include some of Dove’s videos hosted on YouTube. They have had great success in creating content that is related to their brand and image and connects with their customers so much so that people are inclined to share this content on their social media accounts. Oreo has also had success in this regard. On Vine they have a series of short videos mocking classic horror films but using the Oreo cookie as a character. It’s all about understanding your target market and what type of content will resonate with them.