online securityVirtually all businesses on the high street have an attached online arm – this complements their high street presence, but what if you are just on the internet? We look into areas such as security and how linking to social media can potentially boost sales. We look at businesses that are successfully operating on the web in difficult marketplaces.

Offering online security to customers is central to success, and enabling good security fosters trust. Trust in internet sales and the delivery of such is not yet as sacrosanct as walking into a shop for most people in the UK and around the world. There is a hard core of customers who will browse online but may not buy, but this will change over time. There is help out there such as Get Safe Online, who offer free advice on a number of areas including banking, payments, social networking and protecting yourself. In business you may sometimes feel like it’s you against the world, but it’s important to network with free services as much as you can. There are other private businesses, too, like Webroot who offer services to your business for standard fees.

Some businesses need to constantly firefight risks, but small steps every day will usually maintain online security. These threats are ever evolving for those individuals who are skilled in IT manipulation by those protecting servers. A recent article by IT ProPortal revealed the Top 10 Phishing Threats which, if read and believed, could send you into cold sweats! However, despite all the scary stories out there, the proof in the pudding is the number of businesses operating well in the UK and globally. Betting companies could be potentially valuable for those with nasty intentions, but they still operate. For example, you can now play blackjack online at Betway as well as a host of different ‘live in play’ games.

So online security is imperative to build trust, but it’s not the sexiest of topics. Social media can give your personality and flair, so it’s well advised to use business sites like LinkedIn and Twitter. Novel ideas you may not have thought of include creating podcasts via sites like Stitcher and Soundcloud. You can advertise new products and events through these mediums.

So from free help to achieving and improving security to growth on social media platforms, there is a lot you can do to expand your online business and become a standout player in whatever marketplace you are in.