Last year, Full Media branched out into publishing when I wrote a joke book entitled Gagged and Bound: A book of puns, one-liners and dad jokes. The book was well received and has been a frequent bestseller under Puns & Wordplay on Amazon ever since. It has also received rave reviews from critics:

Gagged and Bound 2 by Nick Jones“A succession of one-liners, puns and dad jokes going at your laughing muscles in a joyously pell-mell, headlong way. It’s irresistible.” The Bookbag

“I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a joke book that’s varied and full of easy one-liners.” Reader’s Favorite

“This is a very funny book.” Red City Review

Now, just in time for Father’s Day, I’m returning with a sequel – the inevitably titled Gagged and Bound 2: More puns, one-liners and dad jokes. With over 500 new jokes penned by myself, and a handful donated by friends of mine, I’m hoping it will be as popular as the first book, which has already sold over 1,000 paperback copies and been downloaded over 3,000 times.

Expect a third book in this series at some point next year, along with some other titles from Full Media!