Proofreading and editing services

Authors of all levels of experience require a proofreader and copy-editor to ensure that their writing is error-free. It doesn’t matter how meticulous you are at checking your own work – you will still miss things. It’s human nature.

When you write a story, you focus so heavily on the narrative and the development of your characters that you overlook the finer details. For the months or even years that you’re working on the book, you’ll get so close to your fictional world that you’ll struggle to stand back and observe the work objectively, as a whole, and be able to tell which bits work and which bits need work.

It’s also surprisingly hard to spot grammatical errors in your own writing. This is true even when writing a short document like a CV, so think how difficult it must be to proofread your own 200,000-word novel!

Proofreading and editing will always be a key part of the professional writing process. We provide the extra pair of eyes required to spot the mistakes and, in the editor’s case, any weaknesses in your writing.

At Full Media Ltd, we employ two excellent proofreaders who specialise in proofreading and copy-editing fiction. The types of documents we have worked on include:

  • novels
  • short stories
  • poetry
  • biographies
  • manuscripts

Most authors opt for our editing and proofreading service. This involves editing the document on screen using Word’s track changes to correct any spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax and consistency errors and also to fix any layout issues.

The edited document is returned to the customer along with recommendations regarding areas for improvement, such as narrative modes and tense usage. Once you’ve accepted or rejected the changes and suggestions, we will print out your revised version and proofread the entire document to catch any remaining errors.