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Academic proofreading imageAcademic proofreading is an essential service for conscientious students who want to get the best possible marks during their time at university. Whether you’re an undergraduate, masters or doctoral student, you can benefit from using a professional, experienced proofreader.

Around 10% of your marks are given for spelling, grammar, punctuation and clarity, so it’s crucial to ensure that your written English is perfect whenever you are submitting coursework.

Full Media Ltd proofread essays, dissertations, theses, journal articles, presentations and any other academic documents. Our carefully selected team of academic proofreaders are all highly experienced professionals with graduate degrees themselves, so when you entrust us to proofread your work, you know that your work will receive the attention and care it deserves.

Using Word’s track changes tool, we will correct all spelling, grammar and punctuation errors in your document. We will also improve sentence structure and the clarity of your argument wherever possible. Any sentences we don’t understand will be flagged with a comment so you can address any remaining issues before you submit the work.

As well as helping you maximise your chances of passing your course, our academic proofreading services will help you improve your writing skills. Over time, if you read through and take on board the changes we make to each document,  your use of English will no doubt improve. So as well as getting better grades whilst studying, you will also gain the long-term benefit of becoming a better writer.

We provide academic proofreading and editing services for a wide range of customers including dyslexic students, non-native students, postgraduates and professors. We are a preferred supplier of the University of Manchester and we are on a list of recommended proofreaders on the University of Bradford website.

If you would like a quote for our academic proofreading services, please email us today via this page.

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