Transcription services

transcription services

Transcription services are ideal for anyone who requires an audio recording of English dialogue to be converted into text. Whether it’s a dictation, interview, lecture or presentation, let us save you the time and headache of typing it out yourself.

At Full Media Ltd, our transcription services involve listening to a recording of people speaking and then typing it up in Word. The document is then emailed to the client along with any notes about the recording that were provided such as date of recording, names of interviewees, etc.

Due to the varied nature of the audio recordings we receive, the time it takes to transcribe is difficult to estimate. If the quality of the recording is reasonable, the process will usually be relatively straightforward. On the other hand, if we are transcribing a garbled recording of a meeting involving several people, the process will take considerably longer. As a result, our rates can vary depending on the nature and quality of the recording, and also the timescale of the project.

Our transcription services are provided by highly experienced professionals who are native English speakers. Unlike some transcription companies, we always professionally proofread our transcriptions before we email them to the client, so you can rest assured that your recording has been accurately transcribed. We do not charge extra for this additional stage of the process.

If you would like a quote for our transcription services, please contact us today on 07463 843803 or email us via this page.

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