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About Us

In 2004, Nick Jones established Full Proof, an editorial agency specialising in perfecting the words of authors, students and businesses. Several freelancers that work for Full Proof are also authors, including Nick himself, and so it was a natural progression for Nick to found an independent book publisher years later. Now, in 2021, we still proofread and edit for authors, students and businesses through Full Proof, but we are now winning awards for our own books too.

Children’s picture books are our forte and we have a growing portfolio of authors and illustrators. As well as producing high-quality books that we believe are written, edited, illustrated and printed to the same exacting standards as any mainstream publisher, we pride ourselves by giving back to society, by forming partnerships with charities such as Read for Good, Visyon and Rainforest Trust UK.

In 2021 we expanded the business, adding several new authors to our ranks and branching out into T-shirts, toys and other merch. We provide proofreading and editing to authors, and in 2022 we began providing services to authors such as web design. We also run numerous other sites designed to help business communities, such as Freelancers in the UK and Kidlit World.

For more information on our books or other products, please get in touch. To browse our books visit our online shop