Today is the day Nova is going to catch a butterfly … but not just any butterfly. Armed with a jar and a rather large and swirly net, she’s determined to capture the beautiful butterfly that’s led her a merry dance on previous days. Despite her best attempts at swatting, flicking and batting, the butterfly has always been just beyond her reach. She has climbed trees and crossed oceans (well, almost), but the butterfly has always eluded her. Today is different! After a long chase past the pond, over the hill and through the forest, Nova catches it literally by accident. But now she has what she’s wanted for so long, she feels sad – just like the butterfly trapped in her jar. I’m sure you can guess what Nova decides to do next…

Chasing Butterflies is an absolutely delightful book with a very important underlying message not only about leaving wild creatures where they belong but also about how sometimes the thing you pursue and think you need to possess won’t actually make you happy. Zoe Sadler is clearly a very talented illustrator as well as writer. The pictures are alive with detail and humorous touches – quite a lot of the story is told visually (watch the cat!) and there’s plenty to hold a child’s attention and talk about together – and they perfectly complement the simple yet thoughtful narrative. The object of Nova’s fascination, although not named, is clearly an orange-tip, so there’s a little nature lesson in there, too. Chasing Butterflies is ideal summer reading!

For children aged 2 to 7.

Published by Inkyeverafter Press

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