Sarah’s Shadow – Nick Jones

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Nick Jones and Si Clark’s award-winning debut children’s picture book!

  • 1st place winner in the Readers’ Favorite 2018 Awards for Best Children’s Picture Book
  • Finalist in the Book Excellence Awards (Picture books category)
  • Honourable Mention in the Purple Dragonfly Book Awards 2018 (Picture books for children aged 6 and over)

Title: Sarah’s Shadow
Author: Nick Jones
Illustrator: Si Clark
ISBN: 0993079490
Format: Paperback
Length: 32 pages
Published: 2017


If you could change something about yourself, would you do it?

When Sarah Simpkins is teased about her shadow in the school playground, she finds herself wishing she didn’t have one.

That night she has the chance to make the wish come true. But will losing her shadow really make her happy?

“Jones and Clark have put together a truly lovely children’s book here, reminiscent of beloved children’s classics like Peter Pan.” – Red City Review ★★★★★

“A fantastically original story about a girl who loses her shadow, it also has an important underlying message about body image and bullying. Sarah’s Shadow is essential reading for young children and their parents.”   The Book Reviewers ★★★★★

“Sarah’s Shadow is most highly recommended.” – Readers’ Favorite ★★★★★

“Expansive vocabulary, impactful illustrations and a message of being comfortable in your own skin (shadow). Lovely stuff.”  The Bookbag ★★★★

“…a book written for children by someone who obviously understands them completely and who is a cracking story-teller into the bargain. I can’t recommend Sarah’s Shadow highly enough. Brilliant stuff.”  Linda Hill, leading UK book blogger

“This story would be a great tool for children (or their adults) experiencing bullying or confidence issues, as the story demonstrates a way to work through emotions related to these topics.” The Children’s Book Review

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Dimensions 3 × 216 × 267 cm

10 reviews for Sarah’s Shadow – Nick Jones

  1. Shannon Bale

    I purchased this book for my kids after seeing it on Facebook and I’m so glad I did. The story is so original and magical, my daughter wants me to read it to her every night!

  2. Jo O’Sullivan (verified owner)

    Lovely, engaging story, with brilliant illustrations. My 5 year old loves this book. It is definitely one we go back to a lot!!

  3. Joanne French (verified owner)

    A wonderful book that my five year old boy has read countless times since we bought it. A lovely read, with a beautiful message about being comfortable with who you are, supported with fab illustrations.

  4. Nicki Mayers

    A lovely book about being happy with who you are – great to share with my daughter. She loved the illustrations and of course the happy ending!

  5. Tania

    A gorgeously produced children’s book. An original story, lovely illustrations and the book itself is printed beautifully on shiny matt paper. Highly recommended for your little ones!

  6. Kelly

    A simple but truly insightful story about bullying that is captured so well by the author and illustrator. A must for any home with school-age children!

  7. Sybrina

    Written By Nick Jones, Illustrated by Si Clark

    This book illustrates a classic example of “Be Careful What You Wish For!” Sarah was a carefree girl who had a great time playing with her shadow. That was – until some other kids made fun of her for doing so. She made a wish upon a star for her shadow to be gone. That was a wish she soon came to regret.

    Many times in life we find ourselves in uncomfortable situations. If only we could wish the unpleasantness away, wouldn’t things be so much better? Not always.

    The lesson I learned from this book is that some things are very important to many aspects of our lives. It is better to embrace them and learn from them rather than trying to change things or wish them away.
    The personality of Sarah’s Shadow was clearly revealed in the simple, clean lines of Si Clark’s artwork. I can honestly say I simply loved this little story.

  8. Junia Wonders

    I really enjoyed reading Sarah’s Shadow.
    It’s very well written and entertaining. I just love the topic because when I was a kid,
    playing with shadows was something my cousins and I did very often. It brought back some cherished childhood memories.
    Also, the message about bullying and body image is nicely woven into the story. It doesn’t come across as preachy at all.
    It’s a wonderful read with some lessons to be gathered along the way.

  9. Will Kirkham

    Such a thought provoking book for children that captivates their imagination…just lovely!

    Our son was hanging on every word that flows beautifully throughout the book while enjoying the mesmerising art style.

    Excellent print quality and page weight for any parents that appreciate a well made book.

    Sarah’s Shadow has been an instant classic in our house that we highly recommend.

  10. Anastasia Roberts

    Such a lovely book. A way to show children to be kind through a beautiful story. Me and my girls love this book! Sends a lot of messages but mainly such an important message to be kind & always love yourself (and your shadow of course!)

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