Award-winning children’s author Nick Jones has just published a new picture book, Snailish. With hilarious and engaging illustrations by Leo Brown, the book tells the story of Squidge, the slug who wants to be a snail. One day Squidge finds a sea shell and decides to wear it, and so begins the little slug’s journey of self-discovery!

Snailish is the fifth picture book by Nick Jones. His debut, Sarah’s Shadow, won Best Picture Book on the US website Readers Favorite. He then published two books – One Night in Beartown and One Christmas in Beartown – before collaborating with Franklyn Financial Management to create Franklyn – No Ordinary Fox, which introduces to young children the idea of saving for the future.

All five books carry important messages for kids about self-confidence, kindness, friendship. Nick also tackles, in a gentle, child-friendly way, the subject of bullying. “I like to see bullies get their comeuppance or better still, learn the error of their ways,” Nick says, “and this happens in the climax of Snailish. Ultimately it is about liking yourself for who you are and not being jealous of others.”

As a sidenote, Snailish also has an educational element. “I learnt when writing the book that slugs in real life are hermaphrodites, which means they are both male and female. I thought this was interesting as every slug character I’ve seen in other picture books has been either a ‘he’ or a ‘she’. So I’ve broken the mould and gone with ‘they/them’ for Squidge’s pronouns. It’s scientifically accurate, after all.”

Snailish is available from this site for £6.99. It’s the perfect gift for any child aged 3-7. Buy it now!