Sky the Penguin likes nothing better than spending all day, every day, chatting to her friend Ribbit down by the river. But one day, disaster strikes. Ribbit doesn’t just have a froggy throat – he has lost his voice, literally it turns out. But Sky knows what to do. Off she goes down the lane to Farmer John to see if he knows where it is. It seems he does, but the information comes with a price. Farmer John agrees to reveal the whereabouts of Ribbit’s voice if Sky can catch a fish for his hungry family. Being a penguin, obviously this isn’t a problem for Sky, and in exchange for the fish, Farmer John tells her that the lost voice is in the silver box in the barn. Sky finds the box, takes it to Ribbit, he opens the box and is reunited with his voice. But when he opens his mouth, out comes a ‘Moo!’

This is the kind of book that will have little ones giggling all the way through as the wily farmer sends Sky on a wild penguin chase between catching more fish for his insatiable family and poor Ribbit finds himself baaing, oinking and quacking until, at last, he can say his name again loud and clear. Children will enjoy counting along and making the various barnyard noises, and they’ll love Jonathan Temples’ bright and comical illustrations.

For children aged 0 to 8

Published by Mark McCartney

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