We’re excited to announce the release of our latest children’s book: The Boy Who Breathed Underwater by Derby children’s author Izzy Rees.

Illustrated by the prolific Sarah-Leigh Wills (who also worked on our first ever children’s book Go To Sleep! by Marion Adams), the book is the first in ‘The Boy Who’ series which all follow the same little boy as he has various adventures. In this story he meets a genie who grants him the ability to try whichever superpowers he can think of. He tells the boy that when he revisits him a week later, the boy will have to decide which superpower he can keep. The ending is sure to surprise young readers and will warm the hearts of parents, carers and teachers.

You can buy the book from our shop or from Izzy’s own site. The cost is £6.99 with free delivery. The book is also available in paperback and ebook from Amazon. Wherever you purchase it from, please leave a review!

We’re very proud of this book and we can’t wait to publish the other books in the series in the near future!