There’s a new children’s book in town! Cheshire transcriptionist Emma Sandford’s exciting debut picture book The Problem with Poppy is in stock now. You can order it from our online shop, Emma’s website or from the dedicated book website

The book is about a cute porcupine who lives in the Sumatran rainforest and has trouble making friends. Her defensive nature, due to a traumatic past, causes her to scare would-be pals away before they get a chance to know her.

When she meets Rory the playful tiger cub, things get off to a typically bad start, but this time Poppy is determined to change her ways. What unfolds is an unpredictable adventure with twists, some good puns and, of course, a happy ending!

The book is the first in a series called the Sumatran Trilogy. Emma and her illustrator Olena Osadcha are already working on the next book, What’s Troubling Tawny? and we plan to publish it in December.

As well as teaching kids about acceptance, being kind and not giving up on your dreams, the books also have an environmental message. We’re proud to say that Rainforest Trust UK have endorsed The Problem with Poppy and have permitted use of their logo and a quote on the back cover. As Friends of the Trust,  we’re donating £1 per sale of The Problem with Poppy to them, so please order your copy today – your kids will thank you for it!