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Proofreading and editing services Proofreading and editing are important skills that sadly are often overlooked in the world of business.

Take corporate websites, for example. Many companies fork out thousands of pounds on a pretty-looking website. To some extent this makes sense – your website is your shop window, after all, so naturally you will want to make yours stand out from the competition.

But what use is a beautifully presented shop window if the labels on the products aren’t clearly written or are spelt incorrectly?

If the text is unclear, you’ll fail to communicate with your audience; if there are typos or grammatical errors, your audience will lose trust in your business. They’ll wonder, “If this company can’t be bothered to present themselves professionally online, where else are they cutting corners?”

If you don’t use professional proofreading and editing services to check the quality of your written content, the money and time you invested in the fancy web design may have been wasted – and when you consider how inexpensive proofreading is compared to web design, there really is no excuse!

Full Media Ltd employ experienced proofreaders and editors who will check your company literature for spelling, grammar and punctuation errors. We’ll ensure that your written communication is polished, professional and coherent, whether it’s website copy, marketing documents, blog articles, training guides – you name it. The price you’ll pay if you use us will be far less than the price you’ll pay if you don’t!

We provide the following proofreading services:

If you would like a quote for our proofreading and editing services, please contact us today on 07463 843803 or email us via this page.

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